Nelson Financial Services LLC

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Are you receiving payments?

We pay a lump sum of cash for your structured settlement, annuity payments and lottery winnings.

Call today for a FREE QUOTE!
Tel: 347-585-2561
Fax: 877-804-2725

We offer fast courteous service and to show our appreciation, we will give you $100 Gift CARD if you except our QUOTE and process with us.

NYC Cleaning Services

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NYC Cleaning Company provides customized professional services tailored for the needs of our clients. Our highly trained and well-supervised staff uses only state of the art equipment and environmentally friendly cleaning products.

We are committed to providing the most comprehensive top quality Service to our clients. Our satisfied customers range from large Corporations to small businesses.

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Professional Plumbers

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Professional Plumbers – Plumbing ~ Heating – Air Conditioning (Long Island)

Fast friendly service, free estimates

~ Fixtures installed
~ Leaks fixed
~ Drain Cleaning
~ And Much More!

We always offer a free plumbing inspection with every visit!!!!!

Just give us a call @ (516) 582-1018

10% senior discount

Give us a call if you have any questions we can help over the phone ANYTIME 24/7

*** Same Day Service and Next Day Service ***

Long Island Referral Opportunity

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Referral Program

Are you looking to build a huge residual income? Do you want to be part of the greatest FREE residual income opportunity ever???

Customer Referral Program

With our 10 Tier Business Opportunity any customer of ours has the ability to become a referring customer, which in turn can earn you a residual income for telling others about our great services that you yourself have been using.

No matter if you are an individual or company that is already a customer or you are an internet marketer that has purchased a cash producing website from us, you have the ability to tell others about and earn a residual income based on a 10 tier payment system for spreading the word. Think about it. Each day you tell others about services, make suggestions and give referrals or testimonals. We pay you for this!!!

As a Referring Customer you can earn a residual income by telling others about our services or including a link on your website, emails or Facebook pages. You can refer or promote any of our services to local or national businesses. As a referring Customer participating in our income opportunity you will also earn by referring web design services, web hosting services, graphic designing, email marketing, article marketing, campaign management and printed media. This is just a short list of the services you will be able to promote and refer.

You will also earn a residual income on all customers you referred that then also becoming referring customers as well. You will earn on every referral AND sale made by any RC in your downline to the 10 tier. And since every customer has access to promotional banners and contextual links, as well as a system to track it all, you will be able to keep track of all impressions, clicks and sales made by you referrals or anyone in your downline.

Our corporate office diligently strives to obtain additional ways for RC’s and our company to grow and profit, so you will continuously be presented with new services to tell others about increasing the number of 10 tier residual income opportunities you have access to!

If you are a customer you can immediately start referring our services to others.

If you are not currently a customer and would like to be part of the greatest income opportunity ever then you can get started by purchasing any service we offer or by getting your very own eBusiness.

This is the best FREE Referral Program ever created!

Trucking, pick up/delivery,Hauling, Forklifts ect.

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Landoll/Lowboy service(Machinery, forklifts, autos. trucks)

General frieght(Palletized or loose, one stop or multiple)

Temperature controlled storage available

Building cleanouts (removal of all!!)

Dumpster rental/rubbish removal

Forklift rental available

48 foot Landoll (load from ground or dock hight)

48 foot enclosed trailer

28 foot enclosed trailer with tail gate

All equipment air ride to protect your shipment

Various size Forklifts (3,000lb -15,000lb capacity)


Lead generation system

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Are you looking for a lead generation system? Leadz will help you build your list, gain exposure and get the leads you need!

Here is what you will get with your Niche Marketing and Leadz Generation System:
•Business objective review (understanding of your business / goals)
•Niche Marketing Action Plan
•1 Niche content site created
•1 Leadz Landing Page created
•Online contact forms built in
•Onsite Search Engine Optimization
•1 eSales Page
•Hosting included
•$250 dollar advertising voucher (used across our ad network!)

Build your list and increase sales now!

Marine Construction – Dock Building (Suffolk)

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Marine Construction – repairs and new construction: catwalks, floats, pilings, decks, pwc & boat lifts, helical moorings, bulkhead reface, commercial diving….. Anchor Contracting…… (631) 276-6880

Long Island Web Designers

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Businesses and entrepreneurs in Long Island need more than an awesome website, they need to be found. That is why we partner with local and national Long Island advertising and marketing agencies that will help us target the customers you need. Long Island makes up a diverse market place within the tri state region, and you need a team of professionals that understand the people of Long Island and the ways of reaching them.

Exclusive Partnership with many of the NYC Pennysavers

Local advertising in Long Island gets no better then the Long Island Pennysaver. That is why 10Tier partnered with the Pennysaver, and this is an added value to you. Once your site is up and running not only will we market and advertise it, but we will get you in front of viewers on the different Long Island Pennysavers.

Every impression counts when it comes to capturing customers online. Now more than ever, your online image is crucial to the success of your business. It’s no longer enough to have a website that’s just a pretty picture. Users are demanding websites that are informative, attractive, and accessible and you need to consistently have it where surfers will see it!

When you partner with 10Tier on a custom web design project, you can feel confident that the end result will be a comprehensive web marketing strategy formulated to consistently bring in new customers and work hard for you 24/7

Contact us today to get the website that will deliver!

Long Island Web Designers

Demolition and junk removal

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We have a strong commitment to quality service and friendship, and our goal is to make your life a little easier.
Please help us become NY’s #1 junk removal company by just giving us a call…347-400-1121 You’ll see that not only will our staff respond to your needs quickly and effectively, but we will also try to save you the greatest amount of money possible.

Give us a call and see just how cheap MSA QUALITY is – We are sure that we will make you smile.

Turners air duct cleaning

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We would like this opportunity to introduce our company’s services, which has served the tri state for over 10 years providing guaranteed quality work, and unbeatable prices.

Please see our special offer! 10% Discount with this flyer 159.00 up to 15 vents













Going Green get the air ducts clean 516 690 6647
Why should you have home or building clean Your air duct system acts like a vacuum constantly pulling in dust mites, carpet fibers, construction ,pollen, mold, smoke,viruses. If you never had the system cleaned all of these things are hanging out in your vents, and your breathing it in every day even if your not running your system. One other reason to get it done is if its not cleaned your system will shut down if it gets to dirty. the system needs to breath if its full of dirt it cant wash the air properly for you to send fresh air back into your home or building. If it a building with kitchen and bathroom vent’s or hallway vents if is dirty it can shut down your roof fans. Turner Air Duct cleaning 212 470 5752

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