Top MLM Companies

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Ever wonder how a given MLM Opportunity really stacks up against the competition? Once you get past the MLM hype, the MLM marketing sites, and the MLM reps themselves telling you about the company popularity?
We give you a crystal clear perspective into the world of MLM and Home Based Business Opportunities by compiling information based purely on public interest.

Building your own organization of downlines needs patience and persistence. This applies to any business. Most of the times, it takes at least 1 year to finally see the best results in your Network Marketing business.

That’s why so many fail to succeed in Network Marketing. They just don’t hang around long enough to see their success coming.

Tips for Choosing a Top MLM Company or Direct Sales Opportunity

Looking for a legitimate home business opportunity?

At any given time, there are thousands of network marketing opportunities to choose from. It can be confusing to sort through everything for sure.

Some have been around for 20+ years, while others are completely new (or even in pre-launch phase).

If you are researching different opportunities, there are a couple of criteria that I (personally) consider very important in choosing a top MLM company.

#1 — Is the product or service a fad? Or is it likely to be in demand over many years to come?

#2 — The leadership of the company. Who are they? Do they have experience (and a good reputation) in the home based business industry? Are they involved in lawsuits regarding products, patents or business practices?

#3 — Does the company allow affiliates and distributors to prospect and promote on the internet? (Most companies have finally seen the light on this one; ; if yours is stuck in the mlm dark ages, I would call this a DEAL KILLER)

#4 — Do you like the products or services personally? Is there a money-back guarantee on the products and services for our potential customers? (If the products are quality, the company should be glad to stand behind them.)

Marketing your mlm business opportunity can take many forms: person to person selling, newspaper ads, magazine ads, sizzle cards–and my preference, Internet Marketing.

The problem that most home based business owners face is not enough cash flow, initially, to grow the business.

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Horseback riding

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Come horseback riding with Big River Barn.

We take riders of all levels, from pure beginners to experienced, out on trail. If you have the skills, we’ll trot and canter, maybe even take a few jumps. If you’re a beginner, you’ll enjoy a friendly, competent horse and we’ll help you develop your skills. No matter your skill level, you’ll enjoy extensive trails of incredible natural beauty, and wonderful horses who are our pets, not hacks. Some of them have been in our family for over ten years.

We ride in small groups only, in English tack. Rides last at least 1 1/4 hours, and cost $100 per person. (In fact, most of our rides come in at around 1 3/4 hours… but we guarantee at least 1 1/4 hours in the saddle.) For the seriously horse-hungry, we schedule longer rides, for up to 4+ hours. Bring your kids for one of our special Kids’ Events.

If you are coming from the City, we are easy to get to — a 1/2 hour drive from the East Side of Manhattan (if you’re lucky enough to have no traffic — I did it recently, leaving Manhattan at 6:15pm!), or take the train. 40 minutes out of Penn Station, and we’ll pick you up at the train station for no additional charge. How easy is that!

Visit our Facebook fan page to see lots of recent photos of us riding in the woods and fields. You’ll be amazed that all this natural beauty exists so close to NYC. Picture yourself there!

Visit our website for more information:, and then email us to schedule a ride.

Come horseback riding!

•Location: Old Westbury, Long Island

Experienced math tutor

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As an experienced math tutor, and Columbia Law School graduate, I have helped students of all ages prepare for their math exams. Whether you need help in preparing for a standardized test (SAT, GMAT, ASVAB, ACT,GRE, GED, etc) or you are simply having a difficult time in math class, you can easily achieve your desired results. My approach is to simplify all concepts so that they are easily understood and to make sure that you are not overwhelmed by the materials. Homework assignments are thoroughly reviewed if you are having difficulty in math class; practice exams and strategies are stressed if you are studying for a standardized test. Each student is treated differently so that his or her goals can be accomplished. I am very patient and we will work together until you “get it.”
Rates are reasonable and lessons can be taught at your house or in the library. Please feel free to call with any questions.


Location: Nassau/Suffolk

Glass Blowing Lessons for the Beginner!

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Colby Glass Studios has been teaching the Ancient Art Of Glass Blowing for over five years on Long Island! Colby Glass offers classes where the beginner will receive one on one instruction from a Master of the Art of glass blowing. Within a very short period of time, you will learn to create blown glass paper weights, flowers, cups bowls and vases! The process is a lot of fun and very entertaining, with enourmous creative satisfaction! Colby Glass Studios is considered a very user friendly environment! You can call Steve directly for more details regarding class schedules. 516- 242 8871.

Location: Plainview, Long Island

Learn Video Editing In A Day (Your Place)

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Learn the latest in video editing in 1 day using Final Cut Pro from an experienced, advanced and patient teacher. Don’t have FCP? Not a problem! I’ll bring my equipment to you.

Rates available in six hour intervals for $200, and are non-negotiable. Will stay an additional 1-2 hours if for whatever reason you still don’t feel you are comfortable with the software. This is your chance to learn the fundamentals of video editing in a single session.

Call Ryan at (516) 547-0842 or e-mail.

As I am teaching partly to subsidize my way through law school, I do ask that you value both of our time and only contact if you truly want to learn Final Cut Pro (not for a date or to beat around the bush)

Thank you for your time, and keep filming 🙂

The Long Island Pennysaver

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The Long Island Pennysaver has just launched its new website and is now part of the greater network of

New York City has enjoyed a trusted community partner called the Pennysaver. Each borough has many of their own, which they rely and take pride in, and the Long Island Pennysaver is proud to serve the Long Island communities! We are dedicated to quality service and providing you with the latest technology connecting online viewers with others in their community.

We are looking for those that are driven and would like to join a great company.

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