Pauliuch Cleaning Services

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Are you looking for a cleaning company on Long Island?

Pauliuch Cleaning Services

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Real Estate Offices
Doctor’s Offices
Bars, Etc.
Very Affordable
Bathrooms, etc
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Decorative home painting

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Im marcus, sole proprietor of Local Color Painting, expierienced in all forms of painting and pre painting needs. I specialize in decorative, distressed, and radical paint design. Kitchen cabinet refinishing. Licensed/Insured, references, neat and responsible.

631 371 1028.


Long Island Pediatric Neuropsychologist

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Anneli Kaariainen, Ph.D., Pediatric Neuropsychologist

Pediatric neuropsychology is a specialty of psychology focused on learning and behavior in relationship to a child’s brain. A pediatric neuropsychologist is a licensed psychologist with expertise in how learning and behavior are associated with the development of brain structures and systems. Formal testing of abilities (i.e. memory, language, attention, visual spatial) assesses brain functioning. A pediatric neuropsychologist conducts the evaluation, and is then responsible for interpreting the test results and making recommendations.

School psychological assessments differ from a pediatric neuropsychological evaluation in several significant ways. School assessments are usually performed to determine whether a child qualifies for special education programs. School assessments focus on achievement for academic success and typically do not diagnose learning or behavior disorders caused by altered brain function or development.

Children can be referred for a pediatric neuropsychological evaluation by any number of people, including primary care physicians, pediatricians, neurologists, child psychiatrists, psychologists, teachers, and other school officials. Furthermore, parents also self-refer as they often independently seek a pediatric neuropsychological evaluation for their child.

Typical issues that lead to someone seeking a pediatric neuropsychological evaluation for their child include: difficulties in learning (i.e. reading difficulties), behavior, socialization, attention, or problems with emotional regulation. These symptoms can be due to medical conditions such as brain injury, birth trauma, physical illness, or developmental problems.

A pediatric neuropsychological evaluation commonly assesses the following areas: IQ, school achievement, judgment, planning, decision making, attention, learning and memory, language, visual spatial and motor coordination, behavioral, and social-emotional functioning. In addition to the formal testing provided, detailed developmental history of the child is obtained from the parents. Information or behavioral rating scales are also obtained from the child’s teacher (with consent from the parents) to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the child’s functioning in the academic setting.

Upon completion of the evaluation, the pediatric neuropsychologist provides recommendations on what type of treatment is necessary to correct any weaknesses or problems that surfaced during the evaluation. The results and recommendations of the pediatric neuropsychological evaluation will guide teachers, therapists and parents to better help the child achieve his or her maximum potential.

For more information visit:
Long Island Pediatric Neuropsychologist

Home Inspection Services

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Jason Home Inspection, Inc

I have over 20 years of experience in the construction industry with expertise in general contracting, plumbing, landscaping, appliance, roofing, siding repairs and installation. My main focus has always been on providing clients with world class service. When I began my career as a Home Inspector, I insisted that I receive the best possible training to enable me to provide my clients with the best evaluation of their potential property.

My goal is to offer my expertise in helping families by offering the extra services from the experience I gained and maintained while working in the construction industry, which sets me apart from the competition. Most of my attributes can be seen through my dependability, thoroughness and dedication to customer satisfaction. Simply stated, I am fully committed in utilizing both my personal and professional skills to provide clients with the best possible service combined with the highest degree of integrity.

Having a Home Inspection with Jason Home Inspection, Inc. will not only give the home buyer piece of mind, it will also help them determine whether they are spending their hard earned dollars on a sound real estate investment. Don’t wait, call today!
Don’t wait, call today!
Jason Escobar
Jason Home Inspection, Inc.

Long Island Tree Companies

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Are you looking for a Long Island Tree Company? You can now search for Long Island Tree Companies on for free, and find the best tree service company that you can count on.

This free tree service company directory will help you find local tree companies that are insured, honest, and dedicated to the communities they serve.

If you are looking to have a tree on your property removed, do not try it on your own, call one of our local Nassau County tree removal companies and they will make sure your property is restored to a safe environment that it needs to be. A trusted and reliable team of tree service professionals are ready to take on all phases of tree work and land clearing.

Local Long Island Tree Companies provide:
Affordable Tree Service‎
Tree Removal
Stump Grinding
Emergency Tree Services
Tree Pruning

If you are looking for affordable tree services in Long Island then you have come to the right place as we provide complete information on local tree companies in Long Island.

To learn more visit

Florida homes for sale | Florida Foreclosures

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We have been serving Clermont and adjacent areas since 1999. The company was founded to better service our clients in the ever growing educated market. We realize the importance of making the right choice with your investment and we feel that your Real Estate agent should be Professional, knowledgeable, and experienced.

We specialize in homes for sale in Kissimmee, homes for sale in Clermont, homes for sale in Groveland, Florida foreclosures, Florida lots for sale, Florida property management and of course the best Real Estate services in Florida!
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Business Success and Coaching

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Personal & Business Success

Personal and Business Success Starts Here

From most popular inspirational CD and motivational DVD programs to best-selling business and personal development books and digital downloads, at you’ll find hundreds of life-changing resources to increase your knowledge, self-confidence and attitude and give you a competitive advantage in business and in life!

Discover new ways to improve your finances, develop better success habits, manage your time, set goals, stay motivated, inspire your colleagues, invigorate your health and vitality, balance work and family, cultivate leaders in your organization, improve your memory, find your passion, live the life of your dreams or make a difference in other people’s lives.

Popular products include books of success quotes, inspirational quotes and motivational quotes as well as the best personal development products from top personal achievement experts such as Jim Rohn, John C. Maxwell, Zig Ziglar, Robert Kiyosaki, Tom Peters, Stephen R. Covey, Darren Hardy, Brian Tracy, Mark Victor Hansen, Chris Widener, Denis Waitley, Jeffrey Gitomer, Harvey Mackay, Les Brown, Ron White, Connie Podesta, Bob Proctor, Vic Johnson, Donna Krech, Jerry Clark, Cynthia Kersey, Ridgely Goldsborough, Tony Alessandra, Robert Stuberg, Terri Sjodin, Joseph McClendon, Lisa Jimenez and many more.


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NYC Animal Care & Control have slated MANY wonderful dogs and cats for DEATH TOMORROW.

Rescues/fosters/adopters are DESPERATELY needed IMMEDIATELY!

These dogs range from 6 month old pups to 10 year old seniors. These cats range from 6 week old kittens to senior cats. Images of just a few are posted below. Please visit or follow the Facebook links to learn more about how to help!

If you can help even one, PLEASE DO NOT DELAY. This is URGENT!
Time is of the essence — Contact a rescue to help pull your desired pet, FOLLOW THE LINKS BELOW.
These shelter’s euthanize daily (as early as 6 am) and kill over 1000 dogs every October (YES, just during one month!). And we’re not even counting the puppies, dogs, kittens and cats that are killed the rest of the year. The shelters are located in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Staten Island.

PLEASE consider saving a life! If you are not sure about adoption, PLEASE consider fostering, you provide the roof and all the love you can give, the rescue provides the rest.

If you are interested in saving a life, click on the links below – LOOK FOR the dog/cat you are interested in and CLICK ON THE PIC and there you will find thread of comments where you can ask questions and get the information you need to SAVE A LIFE. There are plenty of people to help walk you through the process, but you must take the first step.
Since the lists are publicized late in the day and we only have until the following morning, the BEST WAY TO SAVE A LIFE would be to CONTACT a RESCUE so they may pull that animal for you before he/she is euthanized. Ask on the threads regarding rescue’s. There is plenty of information to be had from lots of great people, so don’t hesitate to ask.

Hurry! Your next bff might just be on one of these lists.

Silver Coins and Bullion

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Silver Maple Leafs offer several advantages over other silver coins. The coin is official legal tender with a face value of $5.00. Also, its content, weight and purity are guaranteed by the Canadian Government. In addition, they are typically priced less than other bullion coins such as the Chinese Pandas, Australian Lunar coins and the American Silver Eagles.

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Long Island Ambit Energy

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Long Island Ambit Energy

Ask me about the Ambit Opportunity.

Ambit Energy is an approved ESCO that gives New Yorkers like you a choice when they want to save money on their gas bills. Check this out.

It’s an income Opportunity like no other. Help your friends save money on gas. Get a paycheck when they pay their bills. In New York’s deregulated energy market, everyone you know has an incredible opportunity to earn unlimited income with Ambit Energy. We’ll show you how.

Join the business now!

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NYC Ambit Energy Network

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