Horseback riding

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Come horseback riding with Big River Barn.

We take riders of all levels, from pure beginners to experienced, out on trail. If you have the skills, we’ll trot and canter, maybe even take a few jumps. If you’re a beginner, you’ll enjoy a friendly, competent horse and we’ll help you develop your skills. No matter your skill level, you’ll enjoy extensive trails of incredible natural beauty, and wonderful horses who are our pets, not hacks. Some of them have been in our family for over ten years.

We ride in small groups only, in English tack. Rides last at least 1 1/4 hours, and cost $100 per person. (In fact, most of our rides come in at around 1 3/4 hours… but we guarantee at least 1 1/4 hours in the saddle.) For the seriously horse-hungry, we schedule longer rides, for up to 4+ hours. Bring your kids for one of our special Kids’ Events.

If you are coming from the City, we are easy to get to — a 1/2 hour drive from the East Side of Manhattan (if you’re lucky enough to have no traffic — I did it recently, leaving Manhattan at 6:15pm!), or take the train. 40 minutes out of Penn Station, and we’ll pick you up at the train station for no additional charge. How easy is that!

Visit our Facebook fan page to see lots of recent photos of us riding in the woods and fields. You’ll be amazed that all this natural beauty exists so close to NYC. Picture yourself there!

Visit our website for more information:, and then email us to schedule a ride.

Come horseback riding!

•Location: Old Westbury, Long Island

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