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I am an experienced tax professional and accountant with over thirty years experience practicing, and an MBA in accounting and taxation. I provide accounting, bookkeeping, and tax preparation services at reasonable rates. I handle the incorporation of and extensively work with many businesses per year, including C-Corporations, Sub-Chapter S Corporations, and LLCs.

My services include, but are not limited to the following:

• Handling unfiled tax returns
• Setting up installment plans
• Assisting in the removal of liens, levies, and garnishments
• Beginning offer and compromise
• Helping small businesses start up
• Quickbooks assistance and implementation
• Financial planning (short and long-term)
• Organizing disorderly books
• Innocent spouse protection applications

I have extensive experience assisting self-employed individuals and independent contractors file taxes. I also work with many small business owners on filing taxes, tax and financial planning, and late return processing. If you have been late on your taxes, missed filing during certain years, or have had to pay the IRS penalties as a result of poor or improper tax handling, I can help. We will sit down together and discuss your situation and your options.

Here are some of the things I can do to help:

• Assist you with budgeting (simple and in-depth) and forecasting
• Explaining long-term cash management
• Small business planning and cash flow analysis
• Bank reconciliations
• Financial statement preparation and analysis
• Year-end clean-up
• New business incorporation (C-Corporations, Sub-Chapter S Corporations, and LLCs)

I specialize in personal, corporate business, and partnership returns and I also offer bookkeeping assistance for individuals and businesses. Monthly, quarterly and yearly profit and loss statements are provided. I have saved many tax-payers thousands of dollars through my clear approach of explaining forms and educating clients about taxation laws.

Please contact me today to learn about how I can help with your situation.

PHONE : (2 3 9) 3 9 8 – 3 6 3 7

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