New York Divorce Clinic

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legal document is run by experienced divorce, matrimonial, and family law attorneys. All our attorneys have over fifteen years of experience in divorce, matrimonial, and family law practice.

We are affiliated with and is the legal documents preparation division of Verity Ventures, Inc.

At all your legal documents are drafted, proofed and prepared by professional and very experienced attorneys.

We make diligent efforts to make sure all your documents are finished, complete, reliable, file-ready, error-free, and conform with and to all the federal and state laws, rules and standards.

Our attorneys all have over ten years experience in their areas of specialization and expertise. We have helped thousands of clients satisfy their legal needs and get their required and needed legal documents done without hassle at very affordable and reasonable prices that cannot be matched by any person and we can help you too.

You give us your information and instruction and in less than 48 hours we will make available to you via your home or office computer a complete, finished, and ready-to-file, documents with instructions in a downloadable MS Word or WordPerfect format. You can edit, add to, tailor or modify your document or documents to suit your style, needs and purpose. Also, you have the privilege of adding to your document or documents, your personal information such as social security number, date of birth or other personal information (if needed) that you do not want to share with any person. In addition, you can call us at any time for advice on your document at no extra cost to you.

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