Sunday, September 20, 2020

Pay what you should not what they claim!

Have you recently received a bill from a hospital or provider?

Do you know that virtually every bill for high balance procedures, bundled services and most other cases have errors in them? This means that you are paying more money then you have too!

The big healthcare companies have dedicated medical coding experts review claims that are submitted to them and they almost always find reasons to deny the claim, but who does the average person have?

Meet Relamatrix.

Relamatrix provides personalized medical and hospital bill review services. By having our professional experts in billing, coding, and our Nurse Auditor experts review your medical bill’s we can identify where you are being overcharged due to improper coding or charging for services that were not rendered. Medical coding is complicated. Having a team of coding experts review your medical bill’s can save you thousands of dollars that you were going to be held accountable for!

Millions of dollars worth of medical billing errors go undetected every year. Studies have shown the average hospital patient overpays by thousands of dollars. It is estimated that 90% of hospital bills contain errors. According to a study released by Harvard Law School and Harvard Medical School, “Nearly half of all Americans who file for bankruptcy do so because of medical expenses.” Many of these had insurance.

Relamatrix can help you find these errors as we check to see if there have been charges improperly added to your medical bill. Remember, overcharges can range from 10% to 25% of the bill which means that you are handing over too much money for services you did not receive or because of the errors made by others.

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