Plan to Become Debt Free

March 16, 2010 by · Comments Off on Plan to Become Debt Free 

Today, many people don’t believe that it is possible to be totally debt free, but it is a realistic goal. In order to reduce the burden of debt in your life, make a plan to become debt free and work towards your goal.

Let’s take a look at how you can make goals to reduce your debt load.

First of all, you have to make a commitment to yourself. Do not allow debt to control how you live. You have to take control of your debt. Controlling debt may be hard to do, but it can be done if you are serious about it.

You have to design an effective budget that allows you to live within your financial means. If you are not good at budgeting or sticking to a budget, get some professional help from someone who can.

Note: There are many professional financial planners out there who can help you structure your debt in a way to eventually eliminate it. But remember, there is no instant gratification and it may take a while, maybe a few years, depending on how much debt you have.

Carefully review all of the options that you have when it comes to budgeting and then be strict with yourself, but not too strict. Figure out what your monthly bills are, as well as your monthly expenses, and work from there.

Learn to live as frugal as possible. This means finding ways to decrease your bills on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis and by seeking other areas that you can make spending cuts in.

Make it a personal goal not create any new debt for yourself. If you need to buy something, save for it instead of charging it on a credit card.

If you take a serious look at what you do with the money you earn, you can find ways to cut expenses, save more, and decrease your debts.

The other way to become debt free is to generate more income then you need to survive.

This is actually the key to becoming and staying debt free. When you generate more income then you need you begin to have a surplus which you can then invest, save and let work for you! Thankfully with the Internet there are now plenty of ways to becoming debt free easily available to those that want to obtain it.

To learn more about becomeing debt free spend alittle time reviewing the information on and then contact one of our IBA’s to get you started.