Immediate Work – Huntington Station

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Immediate Work

Huntington Station


Long Island Business Opportunity

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Long Island Business Opportunities is pleased to announce that we have launced our 10 tier residual income opportunity on Long Island and it has laid the foundation to the greatest business opportunity offered on Long Island!

The ability to earn residual income based upon a multi level payment system (multi tier) gives you the ability to obtain huge residual earnings if YOU want it. This Long Island earning opportunity will transform the business opportunity and network marketing scene on Long Island and many will earn huge residual income by jumping into this tremendous Long Island business opportunity.

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Long Island business opportunity can improve your business networking ability by expanding your contacts and building relationships with other members and those who attend our networking events. We are devoted to promoting local business people, the sharing of ideas, and providing you with the latest and greatest tools and techniques needed to gain an edge in a very competitive market.

This is an opportunity you do not want to miss!

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Long Island business opportunity. We can help you start or grow a business on Long Island. Contact us today so we can show you all of the Long Island companies we are currently assisting, and how you can make money offering our services to other Long Island businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Premium Domain Names | Domainer

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Are you searching for great domain names? Are you wondering what can a custom domain name do for you?

Buying the best domain name can help you obtain huge amounts of web traffic from search engines and put your business infront of your potential customers. Get found local, get found online and increase your sales and obtain a landslide of leads.

Dominate the search engines with a premium domain name and crush the competition!
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NYC Social Network

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New York City is a New York City social networking website dedicated entirley to the people and business in New York City, or those interested in New York City.Dot AM – many think AM Radio, news, politics. New York City is changing that. We are adding some kick to AM in the city!

New York City let’s you participate in the communities or groups within our site, or start your own. More then just news and views, you can post photo’s, video’s, music. You can start a blog, join the message forums, connect with old friends and meet new ones!

New York City has something for everyone.

Long Island Ambit Energy

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Long Island Ambit Energy

Ask me about the Ambit Opportunity.

Ambit Energy is an approved ESCO that gives New Yorkers like you a choice when they want to save money on their gas bills. Check this out.

It’s an income Opportunity like no other. Help your friends save money on gas. Get a paycheck when they pay their bills. In New York’s deregulated energy market, everyone you know has an incredible opportunity to earn unlimited income with Ambit Energy. We’ll show you how.

Join the business now!

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NYC Ambit Energy Network

MichAEL JARDINE – saxophonist

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I’m a jazz saxophone player looking to play with groups for jam sessions and/or gigs.

I’ve been playing for 14 years, mostly alto sax but also play tenor, soprano and the clarinet. I have recently graduated from Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Australia with a major in Jazz Performance, and have recently moved to NY.

Have own transport.

Decent reader, willing to play as a stand-in (one-off) or become a regular member of a group.

Michael Jardine has performed in 15 different countries, including the US, New Zealand, China and throughout Western Europe. Michael has performed at numerous festivals, including Espoo Jazz (Finland), Le Festival International de Jazz d Antibes Juan-les-Pins (France), Umbria Jazz (Italy), Montreux Meets Brienz (Switzerland) and IAJE (USA). Read more

Medical Bill Review

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Pay what you should not what they claim!

Have you recently received a bill from a hospital or provider?

Do you know that virtually every bill for high balance procedures, bundled services and most other cases have errors in them? This means that you are paying more money then you have too!

The big healthcare companies have dedicated medical coding experts review claims that are submitted to them and they almost always find reasons to deny the claim, but who does the average person have?

Meet Relamatrix.

Relamatrix provides personalized medical and hospital bill review services. By having our professional experts in billing, coding, and our Nurse Auditor experts review your medical bill’s we can identify where you are being overcharged due to improper coding or charging for services that were not rendered. Medical coding is complicated. Having a team of coding experts review your medical bill’s can save you thousands of dollars that you were going to be held accountable for!
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Spanish / Flamenco Guitarists for Hire

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We offer:
1. Solo Guitar (sounds like the quartet!) 2. Guitar Duo 3. Guitar Duo with Percussion or Bass 4. Guitar Duo with Percussion and Bass
Please call Jason at 646-539-1390 or email him at for bookings.

Please go to: for audio and video samples.

Loving Family Looking To Adopt

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Music filled home – warm, energetic, funny, working stable artist with large extended family in downtown NYC, a summer home by the beach in Fire Island looking to treat your baby like a King or Queen with trips to the zoo, classes and everything in between.
Adopting 1st child.
Expenses pd.

Call 1-844-230-3590

Ice-T – Against Gun Control

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Ice-T has it right. You can not blame guns for what happened in Colorado.

Rapper and actor Ice-T has come out against increased gun control legislation in the wake of the Aurora shooting at a “Dark Knight Rises” midnight showing, arguing that the “United States is based on guns.”

Ice-T was on the UK Channel 4 news last Friday, and the host, Krishnan Guru-Murthy. Krishnan Guru-Murthy was interviewing the rapper Ice-T. He’s now one of the stars of Law & Order SVU. “So, do you carry guns routinely? You have a gun at home,” Mr. Ice?

ICE-T: Yeah, it’s legal in the United States. It’s part of our Constitution. You know, the right to bear arms is because that’s the last form of defense against tyranny, not to hunt. It’s to protect yourself from the police. The United States is based on guns, y’know?

The rapper said that weapons are necessary to protect oneself from police. He also said he’d be glad to turn in his weapon after everyone (Government) else.

Ice’s comments come in the week after 12 people were killed and another 59 were injured when a young man walked into a midnight screening of “The Dark Knight Rises” and began spraying gunfire into the crowded theater.

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