Long Island Pediatric Neuropsychologist

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Anneli Kaariainen, Ph.D., Pediatric Neuropsychologist

Pediatric neuropsychology is a specialty of psychology focused on learning and behavior in relationship to a child’s brain. A pediatric neuropsychologist is a licensed psychologist with expertise in how learning and behavior are associated with the development of brain structures and systems. Formal testing of abilities (i.e. memory, language, attention, visual spatial) assesses brain functioning. A pediatric neuropsychologist conducts the evaluation, and is then responsible for interpreting the test results and making recommendations.

School psychological assessments differ from a pediatric neuropsychological evaluation in several significant ways. School assessments are usually performed to determine whether a child qualifies for special education programs. School assessments focus on achievement for academic success and typically do not diagnose learning or behavior disorders caused by altered brain function or development.

Children can be referred for a pediatric neuropsychological evaluation by any number of people, including primary care physicians, pediatricians, neurologists, child psychiatrists, psychologists, teachers, and other school officials. Furthermore, parents also self-refer as they often independently seek a pediatric neuropsychological evaluation for their child.

Typical issues that lead to someone seeking a pediatric neuropsychological evaluation for their child include: difficulties in learning (i.e. reading difficulties), behavior, socialization, attention, or problems with emotional regulation. These symptoms can be due to medical conditions such as brain injury, birth trauma, physical illness, or developmental problems.

A pediatric neuropsychological evaluation commonly assesses the following areas: IQ, school achievement, judgment, planning, decision making, attention, learning and memory, language, visual spatial and motor coordination, behavioral, and social-emotional functioning. In addition to the formal testing provided, detailed developmental history of the child is obtained from the parents. Information or behavioral rating scales are also obtained from the child’s teacher (with consent from the parents) to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the child’s functioning in the academic setting.

Upon completion of the evaluation, the pediatric neuropsychologist provides recommendations on what type of treatment is necessary to correct any weaknesses or problems that surfaced during the evaluation. The results and recommendations of the pediatric neuropsychological evaluation will guide teachers, therapists and parents to better help the child achieve his or her maximum potential.

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Long Island Pediatric Neuropsychologist

Medical Bill Review

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Pay what you should not what they claim!

Have you recently received a bill from a hospital or provider?

Do you know that virtually every bill for high balance procedures, bundled services and most other cases have errors in them? This means that you are paying more money then you have too!

The big healthcare companies have dedicated medical coding experts review claims that are submitted to them and they almost always find reasons to deny the claim, but who does the average person have?

Meet Relamatrix.

Relamatrix provides personalized medical and hospital bill review services. By having our professional experts in billing, coding, and our Nurse Auditor experts review your medical bill’s we can identify where you are being overcharged due to improper coding or charging for services that were not rendered. Medical coding is complicated. Having a team of coding experts review your medical bill’s can save you thousands of dollars that you were going to be held accountable for!
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The Power of The Immune System to Help Fight Cancer

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Our immune system is a complicated and poorly understood defence mechanism. It is a system similar to the circulatory system and some of the known organs of the body that are part of it are the spleen, tonsils, adenoids, thyroid and the lymph nodes. What we do know is that it can remove cancer cells unless it’s been weakened by bad diets and other lifestyle factors that has stopped it working efficiently. If the body is well nourished it has the ability to attack foreign cells and remove them safely.

Cancer will occur when these abnormal cells multiply in the body at such a rate that the immune system cannot control them. If someone has been diagnosed with cancer it’s because something has gone wrong with their immune system. A person with a healthy immune system cannot get a serious health problem such as cancer so to overcome the problem all you have to do is to correct the reasons why it appeared.

The most influential factor of a weak immune system which causes cancer cells to develop is because of the food you eat. The first thing you have to do is to stop eating the food that’s causing the problem. They are; food that’s been processed, white or other denatured grains, the many food items that contain refined sugar and that includes artificial sweeteners, too much alcohol and of course a lack of fresh food that’s been produced by nature and had minimal interference by man,

Other factors that depress the immune system are; stress, constant worry, grief, fear and frustration, lack of exercise, excessive athletic training, inadequate sleep, the many chemicals we use, smoking, including second hand smoke and all drugs which are both recreational and medicinal drugs and especially chemotherapy.

Then there are problems with toxic overload caused by: microwave food, fluoride in our water and mercury in amalgam fillings, bad fats which are trans fat in commercial biscuits and cakes, aluminium that’s in deodorants and any chemical that you put on your skin which is absorbed into the body.

The reason why somebody is diagnosed with cancer is because our self healing or defence system has had to constantly battle major toxic overload which will eventually weaken it. Cancer is caused by years of bad diets and lifestyle so to solve the problem, common sense should tell you that you have to remove the cause before you can fix the problem. If you are serious about your cancer then it means a total lifestyle change forever.

We have been brainwashed today into believing that removing cancer cures the problem but if that was the case then the cure rate would be much higher and despite what we’ve been told hasn’t changed in years. You have to deal with the reasons why it first appeared and that will allow the immune system to heal and eliminate the cancer permanently.

Remember there is not a drug to strengthen the immune system, only drugs to suppress it as used with organ transplant patients so the only way you can successfully remove a cancer growth permanently is naturally.

By Alan Wighton

long island acupuncture

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Long island acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine clinic in Syosset

Recent News: Dr. Wang has recently given speeches about Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture at both Columbia and Harvard Universities (October 2006). Additionally, Dr. Wang has been granted permission to treat patients in several tri-state area hospitals – a rare honor for Traditional Chinese medical doctors.

Please go to for more information about Dr. Wang.
Dr. Shaobai Wang, MD is a master acupuncturist from China. Dr. Wang is a NYS Licensed Acupuncture.

175 jericho turnpike #208
Syosset Nassau 11791
ph: 516-313-6223

Sara L. Mendelsohn MD, MPH

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Diplomate, American Board of Preventive Medicine Specializing in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Travel Medicine and Immigration Services. Dr. Mendelsohn is an Assistant Professor of Preventive Medicine at the State University of New York at Stony Brook.

She has maintained an active practice in Long Island since 1991 ans is rated as a best doctor in the Castle and Connolly Guide, New York Metropolitan Area.

2500 Nesconset Highway, 17B Stony Brook, NY
Stony Brook Suffolk 11790

ph: 631-246-9141

Occupational Medicine of Long Island

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Medical practice dedicated to Occupational, Environmental and Travel Medicine. We tailor an occupational medicine program to fit your particular requirements.

Services include pre-placement and annual examinations, travel immunization, wellness programs, executive physicals, OSHA compliance, HazMat, and DOT exams.Dr. Mendelsohn is a clinical assistant professor at Stony Brook University Hospital and has maintained an active clinical practice devoted to Occupational Health and Travel Medicine.

800 Woodbury Road
Woodbury Suffolk 11797

ph: 516-682-9142

The Long Island Pennysaver

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The Long Island Pennysaver has just launched its new website and is now part of the greater network of

New York City has enjoyed a trusted community partner called the Pennysaver. Each borough has many of their own, which they rely and take pride in, and the Long Island Pennysaver is proud to serve the Long Island communities! We are dedicated to quality service and providing you with the latest technology connecting online viewers with others in their community.

We are looking for those that are driven and would like to join a great company.